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When the Copperline Eatery first opened in the fall of 1993, it was located at 129 Broadway Street (In front of Millie's Plerogi), Chicopee, MA. Glenn and Susan Chamberland were newly married and realized there was no better time than the present to give it a try. Glenn's dream of owning his own restaurant was about to come to fruition. With the help of family and friends "Pete's Restaurant" was transformed into the new COPPERLINE EATERY! A small, family-owned restaurant focused on delivering great food, hot coffee and homemade soups/chowders to our customers.

"No compromise on quality".

As the Copperline Eatery grew, Jeff Rockwal joined Glenn in 1997 and eventually the restaurant expanded to its current location at 409 Broadway Street, Chicopee, MA.

Our menu and specialty items continue to evolve and our line of customers on Sunday mornings only continues to grow. With its family-friendly atmosphere, the Copperline Eatery has frequent customers that span across generations.

"Copperline Eatery is the anytime place for everyone!" -T

We continue to be so very thankful for the support of family and friends and our customers old and new! We look forward to serving you!